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Pictures of books on a table: Jesus in the Trailer sits on top.



Sept. 10, 2024

where dark things Grow


n the midst of the Great Depression, fifteen-year-old Leo grapples with family turmoil and madness, while discovering an enchanted wulver from ancient folklore. Seeking revenge, Leo unleashes forces beyond his control, leading to a harrowing journey with his spitfire friend Lilyfax. As they search for Leo's missing father they become embroiled in a plot to traffick young women. Any hope of saving the girls requires confronting dark forces lurking in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. "Where Dark Things Grow" blends horror, folklore, and magical realism in a gripping 1930s bildungsroman.

Coming Soon: Where Dark Things Grow

Sept. 1, 2019

Jesus in the Trailer Book Cover

Jesus in the trailer


bove all else, the poetry in Jesus in the Trailer evokes a cogent sense of place.  Whether addressing police violence on the cobblestone streets of Savannah, the loss of a loved one to dementia, or coming of age in a trailer park in Appalachia, these poems address matters of faith, death, love, lust, and beauty while not masking the pain of Southern history.

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