Andrew K. Clark's Jesus in the Trailer is a work of brutal splendor, in which single pages carry the weight of whole novels and redemption flickers in the blood and hay of childhood memories.  Clark sounds the gothic rhythms of old-time religion and devil's blues, alternately exhorting and confessing, calling us to burn bright and sleep deep -- to hold close the ones we hold dear.

                    Taylor Brown, author of Gods of Howl Mountain 



This book of poems is an invitation to fall in love with the poet’s presence in his time and place, whether you are, or are not, from the South, wishful or heart-broken.

                      Miho Kinnas, author of Today, Fish Only

Jesus in the Trailer is an intimate and sobering look at the South, at faith, at youth and aging. Clark’s poems are as tangible as red clay, with an appreciation for the rustic and a reverence for time. From start to finish, this is a truly captivating collection. You'll return to it again and again.

                   —Ariel Felton, writer and editor in Savannah, Georgia